Pharr, Tx

Pharr, Tx

$99 Down
$99 Down
$0 Down
$0 Down
2gig Touchpad
Motion Sensor
Up to 4 Door sensors
1 keyfob App 
2gig Touchpad
Motion Sensor
Up to 4 Door sensors
Up to 10 windows
2 keyfobs App
2gig Touchpad
Motion Sensor
Up to 4 Door sensors
Up to 10 windows
2 keyfobs
1 wireless camera -or-
Ring Doorbell camera App
2gig Touchpad
Motion Sensor
Up to 4 Door sensors
Up to 10 windows
2 keyfobs
2 wireless cameras
Ring Doorbell camera App

Why purchase A Home Security Alarm in Pharr
Who is GHS Home Security?
What are Wireless Security Cameras?
Why invest in Burglar Alarms in
Pharr ?

Hello, I’m Jimmy Maddox.Jimmy Maddox As your state licensed and local rep in the Pharr area.
I can tell you with pride that I come from an alarm “sales and installation” background with nearly 10 years of customer experience and that is just right here in the RGV
(Rio Grande Valley)

I am excited to be onboard with Select Source Security LLC which is powered by GHS Interactive Security LLC., a major alarm and security company in America and in the Rio Grande Valley.

Select Source is primarily a privately owned sales and installation company for GHS Security, which has the latest cutting edge of technology, security and home automation systems.
I have had some previous experiences with home security and alarm systems in Pharr and beyond.
I come from the old school of the alarm business so I can relate to customer’s situations and scenarios from both sides of the fence.

While there are plenty of Alarm companies in Pharr and Security Cameras available, GHS is based in California with local offices in Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Colorado and Tennessee. The security system is completely wireless other than power running to the main keypad.
The cameras are powered off a Lithium battery that can last for months, years, depending on the settings.

Have an old security system?

No problem. In almost every case, we can take over existing alarm systems both hardwire and wireless which may have been installed by another company with a smooth transition.

Your local hub is right here, just minutes from downtown Pharr. At GHS Interactive Security, we provide you with top of the line home security and user-based automation services, to help protect what matters most to you and your family, your home, and your property in Edinburg and surrounding cities such as McAllen, Rio Grande City, Brownsville, Edna, Elso, Mission, Weslaco and Mercedes. GHS security will be there here when you’re not there.

Why do we use our cutting-edge technology?

We have the ability to offer and customize various options to fit your needs and your budget.
Home Security in Pharr is on the rise, especially with wireless technology which has taken a lot of the guesswork out of the equation which makes for smoother installation and the overall experience:
Security, Efficiency, and Peace of Mind.
• At Select Source Security LLC, we provide the latest in security technology, with an intuitive Smartphone app that allows you to check in on your home from virtually anywhere, 24/7. We are powered by GHS Security.
• We perform the installation of all security alarm and automation systems
• We provide 24/7 monitoring service, protection, and maintenance through GHS Security.
• We protect both residential & commercial (to businesses of any size) customers
• is the engine behind the automation. They are the nation’s leading alarm App.

Home Security Alarms Cameras and Automation

GHS provides you with the power to connect all of the key devices in your home or business,
giving you smart, responsive automation and seamless control that you can’t get from stand-alone solutions.
Powered by, our intelligent services platform is the foundation for your connected property –
giving you access to advanced control, better awareness, and reliable, state of the art technology.
Home automation provides more comfort
Comfort is probably the most obvious advantage of home automation. A modern building is a complicated unit of systems: ventilation, cooling, heating, safety and communication are only a few examples.
With the Select Source Services operating, all these systems will become much simpler and extra fast.
Home automation makes your home and business safer
The idiom “It’s better to be safe than sorry” can be taken quite literally here. Protecting yourself, your home and your company is a matter of common sense. Of course, it is always good to start at the basis: installing excellent physical security, like burglary-proof windows and locks. But also electronic security is, in many cases, a must; even a panic room is among the possibilities.
Did you know that your alarm system will work even better if you have it communicate with the Select Source Services? You will be given a warning the minute a burglar (or unwanted visitor) sets foot in your home or business. Forgotten to lock the back door? Not a problem, the Select Source Services has the solution.
Home automation will save you energy and money
In comparison with what many people think, home automation does not waste energy; if anything, it’s quite the contrary. The Select Source Services will help you use your energy sparingly – and thus your energy budget also benefits – without having to reduce your comfort.
With home automation, you are ready for the future
A surprising advantage of home automation is that the system is very flexible and future-oriented. The functions of the Select Source Services can easily be adapted to the stage of life in which you find yourself. For instance, a family with young children has other needs than a family where the children are living in digs during the week and as a consequence don’t need to heat those bedrooms.
When you get older, home automation will help you to live independently for longer in your own home. All you need to do is amend the programming in order to spend your old age in comfort in the familiar surroundings of your own home.

How do I order this service?
Do I need someone to come out?

Sometimes it all starts with an inquiry via email, sometimes we get phone calls. Either way, you’ll be talking with someone locally in the rio grande valley. If I’m unavailable, one of my colleagues should answer. We can consult with you over the phone and in almost 90% of the cases, we never have to make a site visit until the day of installation whether you are 2hrs. away in Pharr or right next door to us.

How can that be you ask?
Because what we use is wireless technology.
Gone are the days where we HAD to make personal visits for every customer’s homes in Pharr to determine where we’d drill holes, route wires and decide the best place for the keypad, camera, motion sensor etc.We no longer have to climb into musky attics with a flashlight to see if there is a firewall or any other obstruction for running wires. Nope, the discussion has now turned to simply, what level of protection do you want? How many rooms do you have? How many exterior doors do you have in your home?
How many windows? Garages?
The questions we ask this day and age can be answered by simple yes or no’s or providing an absolute figure…(“I have 4 doors and 10 windows). That is basically all we really need to know.
We can talk price and terms of service via phone as well. However, as far as logistics go;
“where should the motion sensor be placed”, ” where should I mount the camera”?
It is best not to speculate too deep during the initial phone conversation and rather allow our expert technicians to go over your options once they enter your home for the installation.
As far as questions about “how does this or that work”, or “why would I need something like that”, can all be handled over the phone.

If you feel more comfortable seeing us face to face in your home in Pharr, Tx to discuss wireless camera systems or home security alarm systems, or you’d rather have us look at something of concern, we’ll be happy to visit with you and survey your home prior to the sale and look at it if we just can’t figure out a solution over the phone. That is one thing you will get with Select Source that other alarm companies may not be willing to do. Honestly, we make home visits less than 10% of the time. Everything can be wrapped up over the phone to the point of scheduling your installation date. If you decided to do business with us here at Select Source Security, we will get the application started for you right over the phone. A credit evaluation will be conducted to make sure our customers are eligible. With your approved credit, we can fill out the electronic document for you right over the phone. The installer will arrive on a select date at your home with his tools along with a company tablet so you can sign your end of the secured e-document aka DocuSign® (contract).

We offer a 3 year and a 5 year contract. You may ask, why in the world would I want a 5 year contract? Well, as times goes by, services and prices may fluctuate with price. a 5 year commitment ensures you will have peace of mind knowing you won’t have a price surge. However, a 3 year contract doesn’t cost any more or less, it’s just a matter of personal preference.
It always helps to have a local rep in your area, Pharr which is in part of our community.
Give us a call today and let’s start from there !

What is your turn-around time for installation and do you have a warranty?

Generally, on an average week, we can have your installation complete within 24 hours.
That’s right, in most cases, we have next (business) day service. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with calls and your installation could move out 2 business days, perhaps 3 business days at the most. That is a far better than other companies who may offer installation
2 weeks out! No, not here.

And yes, of course, we offer an extended warranty free for our customers.
In most cases, a one-time $35 trip fee is assessed. However, depending on the situation, that fee may be waived if warranted.


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